“Waves keeping you cooler and fresher”



It’s hard to gauge such a large audience and inculcate a new idea in the minds of the viewers but waves has been successful in beating all that heat this summer with their ingenious ideas.

There has been a lot of brainstorming done by the marketing people of waves, first they set a clear concept of their reverse challenge and later came up with a stunning advertisement based on the concept of their challenge for the viewers to be able to connect with.

Happy moments are the best moments of one’s life, who doesn’t want to be able to play, pause and rewind such moments? Waves new advertisement is a display of joyous family get together with scrumptious food, sugar delights and a perfect party setting which focuses on family and the art of spreading happiness through such celebrations.

No other marketing team has taken such a risk of introducing such a challenge and later converting it into an advertisement. Reverse advertisement does make you think of ways we as humans could maybe go back in time and relive some significant moments of our lives. Waves unmatched cooling factor is definitely visible not only through their product but in terms of their creativity as well. They know how to execute new ideas to bring the best for their viewers “Waves naam he kafi hai.”