Village Food Secrets with Mubashir Saddique Rajput- Youtube Star


Mubashir Saddique Rajput is a vlogger who belongs to Shahpur village and has been able to win more than one million followers because of his simplicity and genuine work.

Mubashir has become a heart throb for many viewers who are away from home, miss their roots and want to stay connected with the life they have spent in the village/country. His vlog is being appreciated by millions of Pakistani’s and international viewers.


The most distinctive feature of his vlogging is his simplicity, unlike many other bloggers and vloggers he belongs to a small town and uses his simplicity to promote his videos, he doesn’t use any background music or fillers to add the element of coolness, viewers can hear the birds chirping, children playing, all the hustle bustle of the village in his videos helps the viewers get the real feel of the village life.

Everything he uses in his videos is organic and just like his organic food he has been able to win organic followers. His goal is to make people familiar with the recipes his family has been using since centuries; he is spreading love through his desi cooking techniques and has also won the golden button on youtube, looks like his future is getting brighter and brighter in this digital world.

Ever since he took the initiative of vlogging things have remained constant in terms of his simplicity, the only thing that has changed is the advance use of camera techniques that he is gradually getting familiarized with. Hats off to this super talented star for making Pakistan proud.