Unknown Facts About Pakistan


1.Pakistan Holds 4 Out Of The Top 14 Highest Peaks In The World; K2 Is The 2nd Highest Mountain In The World.

2. Pakistan Has World’s Largest Irrigation System I.E. 3 Times Bigger Than Russia’s Canal System Even Though Pakistan Is At Least 10 Times Smaller Than Russia. 

3.Pakistan Has The World’s Highest Paved International Road – The Karakoram Highway, Which Is Said To Be The 8th Wonder Of The World.

4.Pakistan Has The 6th Largest Armed Forces In The World And Only Nuclear Power In The Muslim World.

5.Pakistan National Anthem Tune Ranks 1st In Top 3 Tunes Of The World And 1stIn The World’s National Anthem. 

6.Pakistan Has Khewra Salt Mine, Which Is The 2nd Largest Salt Mine In The World.

7.Pakistan Is Making 80% Of The World’s Soccer Balls At One Of The Largest Facilities In Sports Good In Sialkot.

8.Pakistan Is Ranked 25th In Terms Of Overall Agricultural Production With Chickpeas On Top,5th In Mangoes, 6th In Dates, 8th In Rice,  9th In Wheat And 10th In Orange Production In The World.

9.Pakistan is ranked 95th in terms of industrial production even though it has 4th largest coal and 7th largest copper reserves in the world.

10.Pakistan Treasures One Of The Rare Species Of Dolphin Known As ‘Blind Dolphin’ In Waters Of Indus River, One Of The Longest Rivers In The World.