Telenor I-CHAMP……..


Pakistan’s first internet quiz show Telenor I-CHAMP where 12 amazing kids from all over Pakistan compete for scholarships. The kids are from government schools and some of them have tough lives and come from rough areas. They are full of courage, hope and a huge thirst to learn.  watch the show and support these kids, as they represent our future. You will laugh, you will cry and you will surely root for their success

Telenor Pakistan has introduced this initiative under the theme of:

“Taleem-o-Tafreeh pe mabni Telenor i-Champ aagay berhtay bachon ke liye aik roshan mustaqbil ka zarriya hai.”


  1. it is wonderfull work for those kids have many thoughts of them success.
    and it is time to show the talent of pakistan nobody cant refuse it

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