Tarang ⎪ Face the Music


It’s been only a quarter but it seems as if we have seen it all this year. From crooked politicians preaching justice to super-fit Darren Sammy promoting a ghee brand, Humayun and Urwa playing special agents and saving a runaway train with a mere cola bottle and ever-smooth Dr. Amir Liaqat joining PTI but “Saal ki sab say bari khabar” surely is Tarang’s eccentric dance moves and thumb deformity in their new communication- seriously guys, is this the best you could do!

There was a time when dancing and singing was all the rage in the industry and everybody from Telco brands to beverages used it to communicate their messages but there’s no novelty to it anymore. Brands and consumers have both evolved, they look for real connections and stories, consumers are also aware of what they want and they can’t be taken for granted. It’s not that music is redundant and viewers don’t value it anymore.

On the contrary, advertisers have learnt to repackage it and are now presenting it in a new format altogether. We now have brands like Coke, Nescafe, Pepsi and few others who have developed interesting music platforms that have done very well and when they talk music, it sticks. I understand that the brand is trying to break the clutter and emotionally connect with the consumers by using celebrities and catchy tunes but it generally doesn’t work unless there’s a strong storyline and a clever twist, which the consumers can relate to – this communication unfortunately lacks both! Tarang, when launched almost a decade ago, created a very clear differentiated with its communication and the tagline “Yeh koi jor nahi” became an instant hit. I believe, Tarang already has a winning idea and they should have evolved it further rather than creating something different- don’t fix something that isn’t broken!


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