Steve Irwin, The crocodile Hunter remembered!

SUNSHINE COAST, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 25: (EUROPE AND AUSTRALASIA OUT) Bob, Steve and Bindi Irwin pose with 3yr old alligator Russ at Australia Zoo on June 25, 2005 on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. (Photo by MeganSlade/Newspix/Getty Images)

Stephen Robert Irwin, famously known as “The Crocodile Hunter” was an Australian conservationist, who later became a renowned TV host with the television series The Crocodile Hunter (1996–2007), which he co-hosted with his wife Terri; the couple also hosted the series, Croc Files(1999–2001), The Crocodile Hunter Diaries (2002–2006), and New Breed Vets (2005). They also owned and operated Australia Zoo, founded by Irwin’s parents in Beerwah, about 80 kilometres (50 mi) north of the Queensland state capital city of Brisbane.

Irwin died at the age of 44 on 4th September 2006 after being pierced in the heart by a stingray barb while filming an underwater documentary film titled Ocean’s Deadliest.