RoohAfza Go- a new cooling therapy


RoohAfza is a drink that was formulated in 1906, it has been in existence since forever to cater the hot summer winds and is not an unknown drink for even the kids of the 21st century. People have been using this drink since generations to beat the heat and get the cooling affect because of the special ingredients used in its remedy.


RoohAfza is called as the refresher of the soul which has been consumed since generations and its consumption intensifies during the month of Ramadan. The best part of this drink is that it’s made for everyone, no matter which class you belong to RoohAfza can be purchased and consumed by everyone.

Recently there has been a twist in the market, RoohAfza has been a giant seller in terms of sherbets since years however now they have decided to enter the market in a different way and introduce their own carbonated drink. Last Ramadan they had integrated with sprite giving a carbonated touch to RoohAfza which has provoked them to launch their own carbonated drink this summer.

RoohAfza has decided to gain attention through different means this time, even though RoohAfza has dedicated customers since years, they want to be able to step up their game in gaining carbonated drink label as well. Their new drink is called RoohAfza Go, with the increasing demand of on the go services in this era RoohAfza did chose a smart name for their drink, it’s only going to be available in Karachi for now however PIA has joined hands with them and will be serving this drink to their passengers which will give a boost to the RoohAfza marketing team in reaching the target market.

It’s very difficult to understand if RoohAfza Go will be able to sustain in the market or not even though RoohAfza Sherbet has made it through since years. Will people be able to accept this red sherbet as a carbonated drink? With big conglomerates like Coca Cola and Pepsi being the kings, will RoohAfza Go get a chance to grasp the attention? It’s a very big challenge for RoohAfza Go but a very good initiative taken to introduce a unique drink like this. We wish the team best of luck and hope for them to achieve new horizons in this holy month of Ramadan