PSL Ka Chakka


So, PSL 3 is back and with it the frenzy of the best and the worst industry has to offer. Over the last couple of years, PSL has established itself as the one the most important events of the year and advertisers plan well in advance on how to take advantage of the increased viewership and popularity of the event- its turning into Pakistan’s super bowl but unlike their counterparts, our advertisers are still trying to figure out how to take full advantage of the opportunity.

Despite huge marketing spends, some of the leading advertisers in the country still don’t value PSL and even if they decide to participate, they are invisible and smaller players like Allied Bank, Boom Boom etc are cashing in on the opportunity in a big way. Now, one can argue that PSL is just like any other piece of content and that too for few weeks, it can pass and one can focus on other opportunities during the year- right, but good marketing is all about taking bold and timely decisions, which I am afraid our big advertisers fail to grasp and they continue to be complacent and play safe.

Channels have also come up with special programming during the event and are trying to ride the bandwagon but it’s more or less the same story there. Every partner channel is either airing a game show or a worn-out talk show with mundane and boring analysis. One interesting piece of content that I have come across is “Pardesi ka chakka” on Aplus. It’s a brave move and though production quality could have been improved but it’s different and entertaining than most of the run-of-the-mill programs out there. Well, PSL has just started and there are few more weeks to go so hopefully we’ll get to see something worth mentioning and writing.