Olper’s is playing Ostrich


It was once thought that when an ostrich was in danger it hid its head in the sand believing that if it couldn’t see anyone, no one could see it either. That has led to the belief that if people refuse to face tough situations, they play ostrich and by looking at Olper’s new communication “happy Subha” it feels as if they are playing Ostrich and it’s not helping them a bit.

The UHT market is currently going through tough times. CJP ordered banning multiple UHT milk brands as they were found contaminated. All this chatter and conversation has led to a growing concern amongst the consumers regarding the quality of packaged milk format that in order to increase the shelf-life, several harmful preservatives are mixed, making milk unsafe for human consumption.

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Though, in the midst of all of this, PCSIR did declare Olper’s safe but the decision to ban other brands, has seriously compromised consumer’s confidence in the category and they are now aggressively looking for alternatives. In this situation, rather than focusing on the real issues and tackling the problem upfront, resorting to such a cliched treatment by Olper’s is disappointing.

I read somewhere that the shoot was very challenging as the team had to endure tough weather conditions in mountainous southern Italy and finding the right livestock for the shoot was even harder- Guys, whereas I do appreciate the effort but this ad is nothing more than a beautiful hollow shell which may look nice but means nothing. Since, consumers have evolved overtime, this kind of communication may have worked ten years ago but not anymore.

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There’s nothing’s more annoying for the consumers than when somebody argues to the death over some inane detail that doesn’t matter much anyway – and then we say our consumers are losing interest!

So, my advice to Olper’s would be to stop playing ostrich and be real


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