Not Safe Money-Money Can’t Buy Life

mughal steel

Great companies are built on great products. Mughal Iron Steel Limited is one of
the recognized and well-known companies of Pakistan in the iron and steel sector.
Over the years, Mughal Steel emerged as a developing steel business company. In
global economy, it meets the highly competitive claims by its capability to mold
itself promptly.

Recently, MISL has created buzz on social media with its new TVC 2019, like
the previous one. Though this Ad, Mughal Steel launching earthquake resisting
iron rods with strength. This will lead an intense and unexpected competition in the


Mughal Steel has a high TVC’s status rate because of its new and rare ideas.
This Ad promotes the fact that life is more valuable than money. Don’t use low
quality iron in the construction of buildings and houses in the chase of money
saving. Enjoy a secure life with family in a durable home.

This TVC is swiftly conveying the information to the public. Bushra Ansari the
outclass legend actress of our industry hit the Ad by grabbing the attention to the
audience with the actor Shehryar Zaidi. Bushra played the character beautifully as
house-wife of our society that just wants to save money all the time at the entire
place. It is the actual reality of our homes.

There is need to consider that saving is good on items. But do not compromise on
the quality of the home which is the paradise of every person. Invest more and get
more reliable infrastructures. Everyone do progressive work for the sake of
prosperity, but when the time comes for investing on the houses and buildings they
are use secondary materials. This case put the question mark on our mindset. We
have to think sensibly about it.

This TVC is produced by the agency, Aura Communication who has marked its
identity again this year with the Mughal Steel bright color Ad. Mughal Steel 2018
advertisement idea was copied by Ambuja Cement Company of India in their TVC
which show how well Mughal Steel succeeds globally.

Is Mayfair Cafe biscuit the humsafar to your daily cup of tea?

With the times period of more than 60 years, MISL sustained its brand for being
the best builder of iron-steel rods, bars, smelting, beams and billets. Mughal Steel
is been always the one who has given the most attention to the business.

Roundup sending warm greetings to MISL at new venture. We wish all the best to
them for innovative project on earthquake resistance materials. May your business
prosper in the years to come! We know you can do.

گھر چھوٹا یا بڑا نہیں، مضبوط ہونا چاہیے۔