Nestlé and Maxus launch new Pure Life campaign with AdSpruce’s innovative creative solutions


AdSpruce, industry leaders for creative solutions for brands, Maxus, a leading global communications media agency and Nestlé, one of the world’s most iconic nutrition, health and wellness companies came together to create a mobile web campaign built on a mix of creative design and cutting-edge rich-media technologies to drive awareness for the new Nestlé Pure Life identity.

The concept of the campaign was to make Pakistan’s consumers aware of the new brand identity of Nestlé Pure Life. Nestlé and Maxus achieved this by utilising the creative technology AdSpruce has to offer. A 3D render of the Nestlé Pure Life bottle with new design was created in-house by AdSpruce, then animated and placed into a Vertical Video ad spot and delivered through AdSpruce’s publisher network.

“We wanted to move beyond conventional digital creative in order to catch the eye of the consumer and bring the new packaging to light. AdSpruce gave us the option of creating a 3D image of the bottle that was mobile optimised to display easily across all type of mobile phones & bandwidths. This allowed us to tap consumers in an engaging way which is reflected in the results.” Khurrum Zia, Business Executive Officer – Nestlé Waters Pakistan

Since the success of the campaign, more campaigns are expected to be created and delivered to users in Pakistan through AdSpruce’s platform which enables the creation of rich-media, video and HTML5 ad units and delivery to over 15,000 devices including legacy feature phone devices and tablets.

“Nestlé Pakistan prides itself on being a consumer first company, even when seeking new solutions to market challenges. We saw AdSpruce as an opportunity to deliver clutter breaking creative keeping the online consumer experience in mind. Optimised for mobile ads that load quickly and do not suck up consumers’ data is the way forward, to keep the digital ecosystem open and consumers interacting with brands. We are planning to expand the success of NESTLÉ PURE LIFE on AdSpruce to other brands as well.”
Samra Maqbool – Head of Communication, Nestlé Pakistan

Nestlé was able to reach more devices and more users via AdSpruce’s proprietary and powerful optimisation and delivery technology. The campaign was delivered through AdSpruce’s premium network of publisher partners in Pakistan, including,, Daily Pakistan and Hassan Nisar.

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Sarwar Khan, MD Maxus said “AdSpruce provided us a solution to go beyond traditional video and display and create a 3D ad that delivered seamlessly across all types of mobile devices. With the majority of online consumption coming from mobile, this was the ideal platform for a brand relaunch as it tapped local publishers and delivered great results.”

Ian Mullins, AdSpruce CEO said, “AdSpruce is proud to be working with Maxus PK and Nestlé on this campaign and future campaigns, as all three of us share the same vision to create and deliver great looking ads that engage users and drive awareness. By utilising AdSpruce’s creative and technological capabilities I believe that we’ll be able to fulfil this vision for years to come.”

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AdSpruce’s design team is full of creative talent including award winning sound designers, filmmakers, graphic designers, 3D modellers and UX designers. Interactive HTML5 ads and eye-catching video and rich-media ads are created every day. For more information about AdSpruce’s brand solutions please visit

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