Nescafe Basement wins at Pepsi Battle Of The Bands


Bayaan came out on top and wins the coveted title of Pepsi Battle of the Bands ’18. This surely is a great achievement by the band and kudos to the brand as well for providing a great platform to all these budding and talented artists.

Though, both Pepsi and Coke have done a great job with their respective platforms over the years but Nescafe Basement started it all few years back when the brand took a leap of faith and against all the norms, dared to give young and extremely talented amateur artists a platform to perform and showcase their talent to the world.

Today, what Pepsi showed us with Bayaan,  Nescafe Basement unearthed it almost six years back when during season 1, Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan aka Zulfi,  auditioned and found Asfar Hussain at NCA, Mansoor Lashari at a music competition, Haider Abbas at LUMS and Shahrukh Aslam during a jam session and the rest as they say is history. We have also seen Nescafe Basement artists Momina Mustehsan, Rizwan Butt and Sherry Bukshi featuring in Coke Studio as well.

We have all heard it a gazillion times that Pakistan is beaming with talent and its only a matter of providing the right opportunities. Well, with all these platforms, I think we are on the right path and hopefully we will be able to revive and relive our past glory. well done and keep up the good work!