Mughal steel has raised the steel bar, literally


Mughal steel has outdone itself with its new communication “Chatton Pay Hain Simti Hazaron Yaadain” developed by Aura Communications & IDcreations. It’s a beautifully crafted, simple and yet relevant ad which all of us can easily relate to.

The insight is very strong and for a steel brand to pick up on the importance of roof in our day to day lives is very clever and interesting.

Through this creative expression, the brand has very intelligently talked about it’s functional superiority as being the leading “earthquake resistant” brand and has also successfully registered a very strong emotional connect with the consumers as well. Thus, creating a very clear positioning in an otherwise undifferentiated category

There was also some controversy around Mughal Steel ad’s uncanny resemblance to Ambuja cement ad featuring Marc Dixit, an Indian cement brand. On inquiry, it was found that it was a clear case of plagiarism as Mughal steel ad was conceived and produced much before than the Ambuja ad. Somewhere during the post production, the idea got leaked and later on adapted by Ambuja cement .

Verdict: beautiful ad with stunning visuals and a lot of substance