Marketing Education!


Nelson Mandela, The South African political leader and philanthropist once said that “Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world”. Though, our government may not necessary agree with this as Pakistan’s spending on education as a percentage of GDP remains the lowest in the region and accordingly to the Economic Survey 2017-18, our literacy rate also declined from 60% to 58%.

Our corporate sector, on the other hand is aggressively perusing the agenda and currently there are multiple campaigns on-air talking about education, where brands are collaborating with different organisations to bring positive social change through education.

Lipton and TCF:
Lipton has partnered with The Citizens Foundation to provide free education to students from 10 schools all across Pakistan.

As reported, there are approximately 20m-25m kids in Pakistan that are out of school and there’s an urgent need to put them where they belong. It’s a great start and a commendable effort on the part of both Lipton and TCF to give these kids an opportunity for a better, brighter future and we all should participate.


Colgate Scholarship offer 2018:
If you thought brushing or oral hygiene is all there to Colgate, you will be mistaken. Colgate has started a scholarship offer to support the education for students under the age of 21 and surprisingly, participation is not linked to any purchase.

One can get an opportunity to participate in this Scholarship offer by giving a free missed call on the number 0320-COLGATE (0320-2654283), which is printed on the pack of ‘Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection toothpaste and Colgate Herbal Toothpaste’, or communicated in TV commercials. The caller will get a call back on his number and will be asked to select an Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) option to answer a question and enter participant information.

There will be a total of 300 lucky winners to win a scholarship of up to Rs. 1 Lakh!

Lifebuoy shampoo-Mazboot Banegi, meri beti parhegi!

A lot of brands use storytelling or emotion-based content to engage consumers, but the way Lifebuoy has brought these two things together in its new campaign is commendable.

While the campaign is designed to raise awareness about girl’s education (12 million girls in Pakistan are out of school) and create a self-sustaining platform in partnership with other organizations, it also has a much more broader aim – to empower the female population, so that they can contribute to their potential. We must realise that under age marriages in Pakistan is a big issue; around 21% of girls get married before age, which leads to a lot of social and emotional problems.

Let’s join hands with Lifebuoy Shampoo to help our girls become strong, independent women! A simple missed call on 080033000 will help you pledge to this noble cause.

Happilac Paints

Aao Karein Illiteracy Ko Wipe Out!

After stain wipeout, Happilac Paints and  Shahid Afridi are now attempting to wipeout illiteracy from Pakistan. On every purchase of Happilac Paint, a fix amount will be contributed  to the Happilac wipeout illiteracy campaign.

So, let’s put our hands together and strive for a more educated Pakistan. Happilac Wipeout – مٹتے رہیں داغ، مسکراتی رہے زندگی


Telenor I-Champ.

Initiated in 2014, Telenor I-Champ is an initiative to familiarize and educate underprivileged children from far flung areas with basic internet to improve their lives and to educate them, I-Champ continued to achieve so much more than was initially anticipated.

The essence of I-Champ was to create an ideal champion of the digital tomorrow. A student who goes off to set the standards for the future children who want to use technology to improve their lives. The title of I-Champ came with perks and responsibility as the holder of the title had to ensure spreading their insight and talent to their community and become the torch bearer of the digital tomorrow.

The journey initiated and the teams went to more than 1,600; schools educating and training 632,289 students and making 61,380 change makers. Telenor sought out to train students to use basic internet and familiarize them with its power. The teams distributed phones and devices to students and showed them how the internet can ease their lives. To ensure the training sticks with them, the students went through rounds of the I-Champ competition and used the internet in real life to cement the training in their minds.

I-Champ brought significant change in the communities it went to and now in the second round it plans to grow further and tap into remote localities and acquaint them with the benefits of the internet. The brand has added the goal of creating more and more change makers and influencers in this round for future generations to take note from. There’s a world of entertainment, knowledge and education waiting for the people of all ages and backgrounds waiting for them to tap into.