Mahira Khan’s work with Afghan refugees earns her appreciation

Sharoon, Content Writer @ OCH


We are all aware of how amazingly talented Mahira Khan is. Now, she has given us one more reason to adore her – her work with Afghan refugees. She participated in a humanitarian mission as a part of the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) Pakistan and spent time visiting Afghan refugees residing in Karachi. She spent time interacting with people of all ages, particularly children and shared memories of her visit on her Instagram profile.

Mahira believes Pakistan is one of the most loving and generous countries globally for providing Afghan refugees with shelter for around 40 years. The visit made her extremely emotional, happy and proud to be a Pakistani.

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A lot of times my job has allowed me to witness days and moments that humble me. Today was one of those days. Today I’m also proud to say that my country is one of the most generous countries of the world. The Government and people of Pakistan – with the support of the international community – have been generously hosting Afghan refugees for nearly forty years. Since 2002, around 4.3 million Afghan refugees have returned back to Afghanistan under the largest voluntary return programme in the world. The UN refugee agency has been closely working with the Government of Pakistan and other partners to ensure that the rights of refugees are fully protected. Pakistan continues to host 1.39 million Afghan refugees. You may ask, why should we care? We must care because more than half of the refugees are kids. A lot of them came unaccompanied, without their mothers or fathers.. a lot of them were even born here. They are our future, every child in the world is. No one chooses to be a refugee. No one chooses to leave their home. #unhcrpakistan #UNHCR @unhcrpakistan

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One of the highlights of her visit was when she was followed by two young boys all around and though, they hadn’t seen any of her movies, they kept telling her ‘Raja hero hai.’ Eventually, when the boys sang a song from the popular Bollywood movie ‘Main Tera Hero’, Mahira figured out that they were big fans of Varun Dhawan. The boys also confessed to her their desire of becoming successful movie stars like Varun one day. Mahira wished them all the best for their future.

This post and message eventually reached Varun Dhawan and he was elated to see it. Varun appreciated Mahira on the good work that she was doing and sent the boys love.

This entire episode certainly put a smile on our faces too and we wish the boys, Mahira and Varun all the best for their future.