“khaana toh bahana hai”


Kashmir Cooking Oil & Banaspati recently released its media campaign after quite sometime. Unlike the other existing 15-30 second TVCs, this Kashmir ad is a bit lengthy one and does consist of a phenomenally touching storyboard, with big names of the Pakistani entertainment industry. The ad theme revolves around caring for your closest loved ones, to seek their pleasure.

Ad starts with a husband (Ali Zafar) getting his finger injured while cooking food for his angry wife (Maya ali) who’s away, at her parents’.
Now the cutest part of the ad story unveils… husband takes the picture of his injured finger and sends the photo-print to his wife along with cooked food container. He repeatedly does the same everyday, until his wife develops a softheartedness for him and comes back home.

Being a comparatively lengthy ad, it is more like a short movie/drama like production which seems to have successfully served the purpose to get the Kashmir brand on top of viewer minds in a very convincingly powerful manner. The tagline is also very catchy “khaana toh bahana hai”.
Overall the new Kashmir 2019 TVC contains a good conceptual idea & effective execution…