Junoon- Worldcup ka Sooper Junoon


U2 of Pakistan is back after 15 years to give another pop number for world cup. Junoon has been one of the most famous bands of Pakistan and has always been successful in bringing people together through the patriotic touch in their songs. “Hai jazba junoon toh himat na har” to “Badleinge jahan” Junoon has revamped their world cup song.


This collaboration with sooper is soothing for the Junoon lovers. We all have missed their songs and presence over these past years and with the world cup approaching a lot of people are trying to revive those feelings of old days when Pakistani cricket team was at its peak.
Peak Freans has made a smart move by using such a marketing strategy and making people feel nostalgic. Cricket is that one game which brings all Pakistani’s together despite their gender, religion and class, Junoon has always introduced songs to revive the patriotic feels among the citizens of Pakistan. Whole country unites to support the cricket team and see the miracles happen, ever since 1992 Pakistan has been craving to win that trophy and unites to support the players representing the country.

This time Junoon’s psychedelic, sufi rock style has been modified and converted into a different version just the like the lyrics of their song “Badleinge jahan.” It’s different than “Jazaba Junoon” but their energy and ideology is the same, Peak Freans and Junoon’s collaboration is delivering the message of being able to touch the sky, make the change and make the dreams come true. “Jeeton dil apnay har kay, dekho manzar us par kay” is a line from the song which is boosting up the confidence of the Pakistani citizens and Pakistani cricket team, even though the team has been losing recently and the last 11 matches have been super tough for the team to win, Pakistani’s have a lot of expectations from the team and are hoping for a change, hoping for the world cup trophy to be OURS this time.

Best of luck Pakistan “Josh apna dekha, sar faqar say utha, humney dekha tha jo, khawab such ker dekha.’’