Is Mayfair Cafe biscuit the humsafar to your daily cup of tea?

Mayfair Biscuit Cafe

With Mayfair biscuit Cafe’s new and very-pleasant-to-the-ears-jingle, the cafe’ biscuit TVC does make your eyes (and ears) linger onto your TV screen for a few seconds.

In this era of endorsements, where nothing works without shoving in a famous (or not so famous) celebrity, we must admit this new ad is a refresher on its own. Five stars for that!
Moving on from ‘Dil ki baat, chai cafe k sath’ to making chai and cafe mayfair biscuit humsafar is also a good marketing shift, different but subtle!


Adding to it I would like to give credit to the cafe’ biscuit team for keeping up with their positioning for the past 7 to 8 years, i.e. right next to their “chaaye Ka cup!”
We get it guys, chaaye and biscuit are a lethal combo, but have you thought of trying it with MAYBE milk. Or God forbid the poor biscuit on it’s own??!!

Here the jingle does come in and saves the day. Hats off to singers Zeeshan Haider


for that! Nonetheless the jingle is melodious, views breathtaking and all the chaaye moments captured perfectly, especially for the chaaye-addicts like me and rest of us Pakistanis!

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