Identical Twins…


Over the years there have been many known twins but my favorites were Kin Narita and Gin Kanie. They were the oldest Japanese twins that lived to be 107 and 108 years. They even released a rap album when they turned 100.
Recently, i have come across twins of a different kind. They are soft, yummy, identical and kids just love them – Cake Up (Peek Freans) and Cup Kake (Hilal).

These two brands are so identical that I can’t even tell the difference. It’s like when somebody asked a twin mom that what do you do when they start running in different directions? She said, I just pick up the one closest to me and run after the other. This is exactly what’s happening with these brands, there’s no clear winner because kids can’t decide which is better and the brands are also not making much of an effort.

Both these brands are making a lot of noise these days but how’s it helping them is a bit unclear. it’s like when a twin’s mom feeds one of the two twice because she can’t tell the difference.

From the looks of it, it seems both the brands are having a good time right now but to sustain a longer shelf life, they need to be more innovative and define a more relatable story otherwise they may get into a situation where one of your parents would start calling you with your twins name and that wouldn’t be funny !


  1. I think both of them look very very very (very) different. Hilal looks like something I would have as a kid and CakeUp looks like its imported.
    The fillings are better too so CakeUp wins on that. Infact my wife won’t let me bring home Hilal anymore because she says she wants to avoid the syrupy sugar filling inside. Cakeup claims to be made from real ingredients, which shows in the taste but I don’t have proof of how real they are.
    Cakeup has a double chocolate Hilal has a plain one. Depends on your taste really. Hilals caramel is awful and tastes like an afterthought of Cakeup launching it.
    And finally, the ads are diff. Both have different messaging. Hilal is speaking to kids with it’s ads and CakeUo is targeting to parents and kids together. The new ad is amazing and I think it’s been a huge success for them.

    Not sure what the writer of this clickbait wanted to say. Seems they can’t tell two cupcakes apart :’D

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