I bet if they use these brands …


Celebrities have always been associated with brands but do they really practice what they preach? – I don’t think it’s that difficult to answer!

We have had celebrities endorsing all kinds of brands from Colas to housing schemes and in the current edition of PSL we see Fawad Khan and Fahad Mustafa drooling over their favorite deodorant brands and Shahid Afridi coaxing children with his dance moves and battling dandruff. Yes, it’s an excellent way of marketing a product but brands need to consider potential risks before pursuing such a strategy because consumers may be skeptical since they don’t really know if a celebrity is using the product that he/she is endorsing

The fact that someone is well-known and popular doesn’t necessarily mean that he or she is a natural fit with the brand and that the consumers will relate to the celebrity. In the past we have seen some high profile endorsement contracts came to an end because of  unnatural fit. McDonald’s and Kobe Bryant, Kate Moss and Chanel, and H&M and Burberry, Tiger Woods with Accenture, Gatorade and Gillette are some of the prominent endorsement deals that ended abruptly and brands had to suffer

On the contrary, last year Indian captain Virat kohli rejected a multi-crore offer to endorse a soft drink brand just because of the fact that he doesn’t consume fizzy drinks and he believes in practicing what he preaches

Finally, brands need to understand that, even if they use celebrity endorsements as a tool to excite consumers, it wouldn’t help unless they have a good product or a service. This is just one part of the strategy but not the whole deal. The focus should be on creating wonderful products first and then finding the right marketing strategy to grow the business