Huawei- Stumbling in the intelligent world


China and America have triggered the fight of trades because of the recent ban on Huawei, Huawei is considered to be the second largest mobile phone company however banning Google from providing services to Huawei has made the technology by Huawei of no use.

Billions of dollars have been spent by the company to achieve the desired success rate but it’s all going down the drain because of the slight changes made in USA which has left its impact worldwide. Huawei is being considered as a global leader in the next generation of mobile networks however the recent ban which has been reprieved for now has a lot of drawbacks, current Huawei customers are worried about losing Google access which will in turn have an impact on the applications that are downloaded and are used on regular basis.

This banning of services has created a chaos in the digital world. Huawei claims to be redefining data infrastructure and was soon to launch 5G facility being the first in the entire world to get all this attention from customers for being able to provide 5G services, contracts have been signed worldwide by the company to provide 5G services in near future however it doesn’t seem possible without the help of US suppliers.

Questions raised by US over security concerns has made a lot of other companies walk away from Huawei, Panasonic has become one of those companies that have turned their back on Huawei. This is a cold war between USA and China, they are trying to kill trade for each other and prove in their own ways on how their super powers work.
Huawei claims that this change will not impact their 5G service, the question is how much more of drama will come from existing customers of Huawei because the growth rate doesn’t seem to be going up in any way after such a critical ban.