Har Mausam Mein Thandi Hawieen


With the summer season taking over, GFC comes up with a noticeable idea of connecting generations. It is a short ad which consists of a meaningful storyline through which most of the viewers can connect with.

Fawad Khan exclaims the reason for selecting GFC as his father decided to go for it years ago, he being his son respected his decisions by incorporating the same product usage for his newly made home. It was a delightful way of showing Fawad reminiscing the time spent with his father. The ad shows a time lapse and makes the viewer’s think about the changes that have occurred during the past years.

A powerful message seems to be delivered with simplicity in a successful way i.e. everything has changed over time and so has GFC; they have improvised their collection by incorporating the interiors, colour combination and quality of their product . GFC claims to be sixty five years old “perfect home ka perfect fan” providing “har mausam mein thandi hawieen.’’