“Grip Service Jaisi toh Fikar Kaisi?”


A strong grip is needed for making anything work to the best of its potentials, let it be a relationship or a machine. Servis tyres has used a captivating jingle in the first eight seconds of their ad which everyone can relate to. “Kitney fasely, kitni duriyan, melon tuk chalna hai tujhe,” isn’t life all about taking the initiative of moving forward and grabbing all the glitter for a person to succeed?


Servis tyres ad is something every human can relate to, it’s not just about that one person who goes out to earn it’s about all those family members who are related to that one human being and are dependent financially as well as emotionally on that person for the growth of the entire family.

The advertisement has an emotional touch, it shows the sides of a mother who is always praying for the betterment and long life of their children along with a man’s other relationships that play a crucial role in his growth and prosperity. Despite the struggles and challenges a man has to face for him to be able to achieve his goals, as long as he has a strong bond with his family and a firm grip on his decisions he can overcome anything in life similarly with German technology used in Servis tyres there is nothing to worry about, the grip is super strong and better than any other tyres present in the market.

Servis tyres not only cares about the person riding the bike but also cares about the whole family linked to that person. They know how to keep families together and safe. The know everything about road safety and have critically analyzed the aspect of safe bike riding in their advertisement.

Servis tyres brand team and creative team have implemented a soild strategy and displayed their belief in building stronger bonds for better outcomes in one’s life. This team has developed a special version of family importance through this ad and has emphasized on the role family plays in helping each member grow in every aspect of their life. Applauses for the team in producing such a heart touching ad.