“Dadi Cool Cool Cool, Waves is not a fool, fool, fool.”


Waves brand has been in the market since years, they come up with different ideas every now and then to keep their consumers happy. From revamping their products to introducing new advertisements, they keep their hold strong in the market by taking different initiatives.


This summer they have decided to introduce their digitally advanced Alpha Triplet freezer which offers user friendly features by featuring “Bushara Ansari.” She is a well-known comedian actress of Pakistan and does a stupendous job in playing her roles.

Wave’s marketing and creative team chose the best of the best to play dadi cool’s character in the advertisement. It’s not easy to introduce such concepts now days, their whole idea was of rebuilding the image of dadi and the product being advertised, consumers are hard to satisfy in this digitally advanced era and Wave’s marketing team has taken the risk of introducing such an advertisement. They have emphasized on the word cool and have interrelated it with dadi’s personality along with Waves Alpha Triplet freezer which basically provides the cooling facilities.

From dadi’s jewelry, attire, hairdo to her make up, they have tried making everything look cool to the consumers, people crave for such elements of coolness to be present in their grandmothers and grandfathers which has made this advertisement popular among the younger generation mostly.

There has been a mixed feedback of positive and negative comments being given by people based on the mind set and perception that has been set over the years, a lot of people have appreciated the boldness and the wild side shown by Bushra Ansari however many have talked against it and raised questions on a woman dancing on the screen. Even though women dancing on screens has been pretty normal since a few years, people still have set perceptions about women acting in a certain way depending on their age and societal norms and if that set criteria is breached it becomes a problem for people in our society to accept it.

Bushra Ansari’s unconventional methods of getting attention have always left a mark on people. She has nailed the advertisement once again with her cool personality and has taken over the role completely by actually being the cool one. The risk has been taken by the marketing and creative team, we are confident they will get the results and Waves will outshine like always and so will Bushra Ansari as this is not the first time she has done something out of the odds.