COVID-19 Lock Down & Social Media different Challenges

COVID 19 & Social Media Challanges

Its been more than 1 month in this corona virus lock down and God knows how many more days we have to be in this lock down, but the only thing is that plz stay home and make social distance because this is the only cure, medicine against this virus till now.

So the final result is that whole world is in lock down and the war between humans and this virus is going on and Inshallha human will win this war soon.

In this lock down there are some interesting challenges are going around on social media in which people do some interesting stuff and then challenge their friends and then slowly and gradually these challenges became popular

Some of the interesting challenges which are viral now a days


I don’t know from where it comes and who started it, but it is on instragrma because we all know that there is no rules when it comes to posting Instagram outfits

In this social media challenge you have to take one or more large pillows and fashioning them into a dress via a belt around the middle

There are currently over 250,000 posts using this hashtag.

See some of my favorites #pillowchallenge uploads below.

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Never in a million years would I have thought I've accepted this challenge, Turns out we had fun being silly and it also brought back memories of watching the I Love Lucy show were Lucy is determined to get a new designer dress while in Paris, and she is convinced a Burlap sack dress was the new in! Trends are forever changing…have fun with them 😘🤣 . . .#ilovelucy #pillowchallenge #girlsfashion #kidsofinstagram #kidzfashion #kidsootd #kidsootd #kidsstyle #kidsmodel #babyfashionista #kidsfashiontrends #pillowdress #kidstagram #trendykidz #kidsmodeling #kidsbabylove #kidsfashion #trendykids #fabulouskiddies #kidzootd #kidslookbook #ootd #igslaykids #kidsthatslay #babyootd #challengeaccepted #Fashionista #minifashionista #quarentine #fashionista @ig_fashionkiddies @igslaykids @thetrendykidz @kidzootd @fabulous_kiddies_

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Dalgona coffee challenge is very famous now a days as we are all in lock down situation so people are accepting this dalgona coffee challenge and posting their creation and challenging with their love ones

Dalgona coffee is very easy to make first you have to mix two tablespoons of instant coffee or espresso powder, two tablespoons of sugar, and two tablespoons of very hot water. Some people use a hand mixer, while others use a spoon, constantly stirring the concoction until it turns from brown to beige and takes on a thick, foamy texture. Then they spoon the mixture on top of a glass of hot or cold milk

There are currently over 67.1k posts using the hashtag.

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#OH nanana challenge

It’s an interesting challenge in which you and your partner have to do some interesting and complicated dance steps that people still dared to do because it challenges our footwork and stamina in dancing

Many celebrities are doing this challenge and posting their videos on their social media accounts

There are currently over 25,000 posts using the hashtag.

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The #DontRushChallenge is one of the most rising trend on social media these days where different people or friends coordinate a coordinating a glow up video from their own places and connect them with a video and its called “Don’t Rush”

This challenge starts with a person showing their “makeup free” skin; then, holds a makeup brush and clutch it over the camera lens. When you expose yourself, you’ll be in full glam. But, it doesn’t stop there. Toss the makeup brush and edit the footage so it looks as though your friend is catching the brush.

There are currently over 390,000 posts using the hashtag.