Cola Next latest TVC Saba Qamar Sets Unachievable Standards For People


Cola Next latest  TVC comes out to be a total indigestible, reviving the memories  of it’s  two previous TVCs starring Humayun  Saeed  and Urwa Hoccane . This time cola next  tried  deva Saba Qamar  as their brand ambassador, a motivational factor. but,  I think that while making  TVC, the team forgot  the real purpose of the promotional campaign.  Instead of highlighting Cola Next, the theme more over seems to exemplify Saba Qamar the baghi and most versatile actress’  life style and career as a bench mark, as the TVC revealed both the tough and fun sides of Saba Qamar, as she fights , dances and  walk on the ramp.  Once again creative team is requested to please pay heed to the concept development. There should be some symmetry and thematic eloquence between the brand and advertising techniques,  i.e. the endorsement should represent  in a lucid and appealing manners. Only use of leading stars as a publicity stunt  is bygone, so please come up with some different ideas.


Designer Ali Zeeshan’s wardrobe is  another  prevailing features throughout .The TVC turned out to be more of Ali Zeeshan’s  wardrobe modeled by magnificent Saba Qamar. Although the clothing colour ‘red’ is well coherent with cola next theme.


Here,  we can rightly question the production team, ‘is modelling, dancing and bandit fight  the only source of inspiration, kia level barhane  ka aur kuch next  kerne ka koi ar tareqa nai???? and more over  how to increase ones level and what are people supposed to do to reach next….


Last but not the least, sometimes, I wonder in which direction  our marketing is leading.  I’m truly disappointed with the progress of our advertising agencies. I really don’t know why Cola Next owners spent so much money on this kind of stuff,   when we can’t even relate with the product.  It’s a good thing if we are putting an effort to introduce quality local brands, but please do avoid such sense less advertising?