Coca Cola- Hum Aik hain- Bringing the nation together


World cup fever has started already and continuous prayers are being offered by individuals in this holy month of Ramadan. Everyone is contributing in their own special way to motivate the Cricket team; Coca Cola is a well-known brand and knows how to bring the nation together through their extra special flavor of love and unity when it comes to bringing people together on a plat form


Last year they collaborated with QB and Jason Derulo by introducing “colours” as the football anthem for 2018 world cup, it was a true picture of unity and brought different cultures from around the world together, we could see different flags in the video and the message was super clear.

Similarly now their Cricket anthem “Hum Aik hain” is out with the agenda of promoting unity among the Pakistani’s and the video shows the diverse cultures present in Pakistan. The whole idea of the video is that despite the extremism that has been found we believe in love, hope, care and passion, the tagline used before the video starts refers to the same message.

Pakistani’s are extremely passionate about world cup and this is the best time to bring everyone together. Video director Ahsan Rahim has done a fantastic job in putting the whole concept of unity into a video and touching the hearts of Pakistani’s during the crucial days of cricket fanatics.

Xulfi is the music composer of this song and has given a whole new concept to this song just like his other compositions, we have already witnessed his marvelous quality of work via Nescafe basement and it’s fair to say that he always amazes us with his eccentric work, this song in particular is a refurbished version unlike the song introduced by Sooper. Seems like Hum aik hain has taken the game up and left Sooper behind. Shout out to the creative and media agency for bringing such an anthem into existence and playing it on all mediums of media to increase the positive spirit among the Pakistani cricket fanatics.