Coca Cola fanzone – A platform to engage fans and bring them closer to the game


With the changing consumer behavior, engaging audiences for brands can be a challenge specially for cricket fanatics , Coca Cola came up with a brilliant idea of motivating and inspiring Pakistan with Hum Aik Hain song, in addition to that they have initiated the Coca Cola fanzone which is specifically designed to make the Cricket fanatics happy; topping the charts not only in the world of marketing but for cricket fans too.

1992 World cup was a game changing year for Pakistani fans and ever since then they are eagerly waiting for the trophy to come home again, anyone who has played that match is considered to be a legend for the fans however there can be no comparison when it comes to the choice made by Coca Cola for selecting one of the best living legends for their fanzone.


It indeed is an outstanding marketing sixer which is not only promoting Coca Cola and world cup but it’s keeping the fan love at high scale by letting the fans enjoy the current happenings along with the spicy touch of our legend’s comments and analysis. Wasim Akram is actively participating in the Coca Cola fanzone by answering questions of his fans and giving his intelligent yet witty comments on the matches being held. Fans are going crazy with such an active engaging activity  as it allows them to be a part of the world cup in their own way. People who had stopped watching the matches because of the past decline observed in the cricket winnings are also participating because of the fanzone enthusiasm created by Coca Cola.

It’s not easy to create activities involving the public and being able to maintain their interest, turns out Coca Cola fanzone is maintaining their stance by letting cricket fanatics ask Wasim Akram questions and giving them a chance to win tickets for the world cup. Back in the days another well known cola brand was known to be the king of CWC, they were the ones to sponsor and create hype for cricket but this time Coca Cola has taken over the cricket conversation, may it be through motivation via music or by onground fan interactions.