Celebrating Youm-e-Difa


Defence Day or Youm-e-Difa is celebrated on 6th September every year in Pakistan. It is celebrated to commemorate the bravery of Pakistani armed forces that fought valiantly during 1965 Pak – India War.

The long-standing conflict over Kashmir and other border disputes turned into war between the two countries in September 1965 and when Indian army crossed the international border, the whole nation stood up and defended the motherland along with the armed forces.

On 6th September 1965, when Indian forces crossed the border, Indian Army Chief, Gen. J. N. Chaudhry was so confident of capturing Lahore that he famously announced that he would have a large peg of whisky at the Lahore Gymkhana Club in the evening of the 6th. The Pakistan Army soldiers and other units along with Pakistan Air Force were able to block the Indian attack and forced them to retrieve.

India launched its main offensive against Sialkot on 8th September using its armoured division and it turned out to be the largest tank battle since the second World War. It was a hard-fought battle resulting in casualties on both sides. In the end, the Indian attack was neutralised owing to great sacrifices from the Pakistani troops and the Indians were forced to withdraw due to heavy losses. The war eventually ended with the mediation of the USSR and a peace agreement was signed at Tashkent.

On this 53rd Youm-e-Difa, we stand by our armed forces and vow to offer everything including our lives to protect our motherland.