Busses, Bridges, Buildings and Squares.


Brands often commission special vehicles, venues and occasions to either launch a new product or highlight a certain feature to make sure that they leave a lasting impression and there have been many such examples globally. Pepsi branded the world-renowned Concorde to launch the new logo, Red Bull did a space diving project with Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner and broke the sound barrier etc.

Recently, we have had our own promotional spectacles. Last year, as a part of our 70th independence anniversary, London’s iconic buses were branded with “Emerging Pakistan” themed ads to highlight the beauty and diversity of the country, Burj Khalifa was also lit up green to commemorate the day and on 23rd March, Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul was also illuminated with the colours of Pakistan flag

Earlier this year almost 100 London busses were again branded to promote Gawadar as the next investment destination and continuing with the trend, on 23rd March this year, Rooh Afza (Drink of the East) took on New York and advertised at the Time Square. This was the first time any Pakistani brand booked a spot at Time Square and also did product sampling

These are all expensive projects and require a lot of planning and guts to execute but if done properly, they do create a lot of buzz and generate substantial earned media


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