“Boys don’t cry but when they do it’s real, Why did Ali cry?”


Twitter fight has lead to damaging reputation for these popular Pakistani stars. Ali Zafar and Meesha Shafi are well known artists of Pakistan and wouldn’t need to pull publicity stunts like metoo to gain more popularity.



Social media trolling has played a vital role in tormenting the realities of many. Ali Zafar’s case is a true example of social media trolling; the twist in this story is that Meesha claims to have been sexually harassed by Ali Zafar multiple times however she chose to speak up when metoo hash tag gained popularity and decided to become a role model for many girls, why wasn’t this talked about before?



Why did she have to wait for metoo hash tag to gain popularity and her experiences to be shared via that platform? If she was sexually harassed so many times, what made her stay quiet for so long? There are so many questions that come in our mind when we take a closer look at such a case. They say big girls don’t cry and boys don’t cry at all.



Ali Zafar not only cried because of these malicious rumours, his whole professional career was affected because of the cards Meesha played; the sad part is she was not able to prove anything. It has almost been a year ever since this twitter fight began, Meesha Shafi became the Heroine, she decided to give some Bollywood tarka to her Lollywood life and like Kareena’s film pulled a publicity stunt while she struggled with the trials and tribulations in her own career by defaming a famous artist. It’s sad that Meesha used metoo hash tag to save her sinking career, get Canadian immigration and took such drastic measures to avoid being replaced. If Meesha was harassed why would she text on the what’s app group thanking Ali, why would she have to check if it was done voluntarily or not, if such a big thing happened during the jamming session, how can a woman forget the experience?


A woman never forgets her bad experiences, it’s in a woman’s nature to forgive but never forget. We as humans never forget our experiences. Everything Meesha said during her interview with Shahzeb Khanzada seems like a controversy. It’s difficult to support her when she is unsure of things herself and doesn’t even remember clearly what has happened. If a promise was made, why did she break it? She made a big boy, Pakistan’s heartthrob cry, she defamed him and used the best tools to destroy his image and win the popularity.
Justice must be served.