Are you ready for Rev Challenge?


Social media challenges are becoming common over the past few years, people enthusiastically take part in these challenges and these videos become viral worldwide bringing the participants and the viewer’s together, however certain challenges that come to mind have had their pros and cons.

I remember the most popular challenges that have been recorded in the past few years such as the KIKI challenge/inmyfeelings challenge, ice bucket challenge and the Kylie lip challenge got a lot of attention and a lot of people took part in it however there were limitations to the innovation level and creativity with a taste of risk involved, you could either be using a moving vehicle, container or ice cold water to complete these challenges.

Recently Waves Pakistan has given a whole new dimension to the idea of challenges and has successfully set the bar high by introducing their Waves Rev challenge, Rev represents reverse. Their challenge is not only unique but has zero limitations when it comes to the creativity of the participants. It has triggered the cognitive side of human mind and has exposed them to the world of innovation, Waves has made people use their smart phones for creating a challenge that is entertaining and different in each video that is made which doesn’t make it monotonous or boring to watch. Every video that comes out is different from the previous one, unlike the other challenges parents are actually okay with their kids attempting this one, it’s not dangerous or tacky at all.


Nomi Qamar initiated this challenge and its going viral, artists, fitness freaks, models, kids, on national and international level, everyone is eager to participate and display their uniqueness through this challenge. Waves is the first company who has taken the upper hand in introducing such a challenge and stepped into the market with a tricky but distinguish idea of being able to gauge a large number of audience.

Popular personalities and celebrities of our industry including Ramsha Khan, Usama, Sadia Faisal have shared their videos already of attempting this challenge, the excitement is getting bigger and bigger as Haroun Rathore from Canada, Taylor Hulme from Toronto, Alex Baranova from United Kingdom share their videos of REV CHALLENGE.


Waves has a big name in the market and knows how to make the audience happy whether it’s a commercial or a challenge they always make their way up.Waves new marketing team has taken the lead in revamping the marketing style, not only they have introduced a way of collaborating the whole nation, they have taken the game up by using this amazing marketing skill of REV challenge in bringing people together internationally.


This is the first time something like this has been marketed through a Pakistani brand. Waves has always had a big name but this talented marketing team has put in their utmost efforts to convert the perception people have of waves from good to best. We are confident this team will keep surprising us with the best of their skills.


What are you waiting for? Click on the below links to see the attempted challenges and show the hidden ideas you have for the world to see. You never know your video could become viral and make a million people smile.

Alex Baranova straight from United Kingdom.

Haroun Rathore from Canada

Nomi Qamar

Ramsha Khan