A Tribute to George Floyd “BLACK LIVES MATTER” by Haider Ali

Haider Ali
Haider Ali "George Floyd"

internationally well known Pakistani Truck Art Artist Ali Haider whose work has been showcased all over the world most notably at the Smithsonian, has created his tribute to George Floyd, who was murdered by the police in Minneapolis,USA and in solidarity with the black lives matter movement by paint a stunning mural of George Floyd in traditional Pakistani truck art style with bold colour, Urdu poetry and beautiful flowers on the wall of his house in Karachi,

Haider Ali "George Floyd"
Haider Ali “George Floyd”

Special saying in the mural

 “Hum Kalay haan tu Kia hua, dil waley hain” 

 “Goroo ki na kaloo ki dunya hay dil walo ki” 


As per Haider Ali “this art work does not pay reverence to George Floyd but it pays a tribute to everyone fighting inequality and injustice”