A Profound Tribute to The Unsung Heroes of Pakistan.

Ariel pakistan
Ariel pakistan

In the year 2020, as Pakistan run through difficult era, where covid-19 is prevailing over the whole scenario. Here Ariel Pakistan’s TVC on Eid, is certainly a successful  endeavor to highlight the efforts of traffic police of our country. Ariel Pakistan’s TVC will leave you all teary-eyed as the washing detergent explores a complete change in its’ positioning from all the previous branding  strategies. It was refreshing to see Ariel coming up with a heart touching ad that sends out an objective  massage, redeeming the image of Pakistan traffic police.


The whole story line, locations, casting, wardrobe, back ground music,  jingle and the lyrics all are  coherent and well merged with the theme.

Emotional and catchy dialogues like, “Eid to sab ke sath hi manani chaye na, qarz hai kisi na kisi ko to duty nibhani hai…, farz ar family ki wohi purani jang…, eid ki tyari na family ki fiqar amir ko apni duty se fursat kahan…., tang jabe ar purani uniform main mera din to guzar jaye ga…,” supports the whole theme well. Slogan of the TVC  is quite creative, and accolade. Beautifully sung lyrics have the element to, stimulate hope within the  audience to never lose hope to fulfill  their dreams and never let go of their righteous wishes .

With all praises, I would like to mention something, that I felt  lacking in the TVC.  In a 3 minutes TVC , the copy writer could have covered many other  worthwhile institutions  that are working  24/7 for us all. Like our police force, armed forces and doctors primarily. By depicting them, the TVC  could have become more momentous, receptive, meaningful and encouraging.

Ariel Pakistan

Last but not the least, I may predict, this TVC’s is going to hold a distinct position in the year 2020. The Ariel TVC,  is a combo of emotions, obligation and awareness of the current situation in Pakistan. Well done Ariel team, the detergent not only removes the stains well but also persevere the  brightness.